VOLTAGE - Modern Analog - Softube Model 82 - 100 Sounds Set
  • VOLTAGE - Modern Analog - Softube Model 82 - 100 Sounds Set


    100 Original Presets / Patches for Softube Model 82 - Roland SH 101 Replica Vst Synthesizer.

    (Demo track shows under half of the 100 sounds you get in the pack, Click on second circle under video to view full 100 preset playthrough solo)

    Modern Analog Soundset for Techno, Rave, Trance, House, Electronica, etc... Can also be used with any other genre with synth sounds. Get that modern, yet analog synthesizer sound. Style centered around Techno, Minimal, Melodic, Electronica and Dance Music.

    very sound is individually and neatly labeled, categorized, tagged, as well as individually play -tested and fine tuned with individualized modulation options and every detail carefully crafted per each sound.

    15 Acid, 20 Bass, 15 Lead, 15 Pluck, 10 Pad, 17 General Synth, 8 Fx for a total of 100 sounds.

    Demo track contains less than half of the total 100 sounds you get in the pack. The demo track has basic mixing only and no sound altering effects. No sound saturators, distortion, compressors, chorus, coloring EQ etc.. just very basic eq delay reverb and stereo imaging. What you hear is exactly what you get.



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